Monday, June 29, 2009

Shop Hop Journey--Day One!!!!

School is out for the summer and it is time for some summer fun with quilting and time with family and frirends. What a great way to begin this special time of the year than with a quilt shop hop. O.K. A few things I have to tell you first.....I live in Western Washington, specifically on the Kitsap Peninsula. The shop hop for our area stretches basically the length of the I-5 corridor from Canada to Oregon. There are nearly 60 shops included and it lasts for 5 days. My mom and I have been wanting to go for a few years but 3 years ago I was very sick right when school was out, 2 years ago my mom broke her hip just before school was out and last year, well, we went to about 5 shops. We decided that this year with my daughter, Becca and my granddaughter, Kristina in the area that we would participate for 4 days as a 4 generational group. It was such an awesome amount of fun in so many ways and I totally exhausted my energy--that's why it has taken me some time to get this blog together. Thank you for being patient while I was missing....but in lots of action!!!

Our shop hop is divided into 4 posts--one for each day. My mom is 82 and I did not want to overdo it for her so we went to between 4-6 shops each day. Our total number of shops was 19. Each person who gets their "passport" stamped at at least 16 shops is entered into a grand prize drawing--we qualified, so let's see who gets lucky!

At each shop that you visit you receive a block created by that shop to go with the theme of the shop hop. Lots of creativity represented here. This year the theme was "Celebrating Washington's Wildflowers." We received 19 of the blocks on the poster below. We will design our own style of quilt.

As we started this first day, Krisitina, my 8 year old granddaughter, stayed home to play outside with friends...imagine that! My mom, Becca and I went first to the quilt shop in Kingston. The quilt shop is located right close to the ferry docks in beautiful downtown Kingston. This ferry was just leaving for the Seattle side of the water as we came into the parking lot. What a lovely sight!
One thing that I enjoy about quilt shops is their unique charm. This near waterfront shop is charming to walk up to. I love the light above the door, the wood sign and the way the tree softens the picture.

As I was standing taking this picture, I looked to the right and there was another ferry coming in to dock. That is how close the shop is to the ferry terminal and dock. So Fun!

The sign above and this beautiful hanging welcome visitors at the entrance to the shop.

And inside to greet us was this smiling face (Cindy) and many others. Don't just the friendliest people work at quilt shops!

This is the Kingston Quilt Shop's Quilt Square. Of course, they don't make up the squares for us, we are given the pattern and a kit to make it.

I love the tones and wandering paths of this quilt!

Another beautiful quilt on display. Depending on how you look at this quilt, something different catches your eye each time!

Good-bye to Kingston and back to Poulsbo, Wa to Heirloom Quilts. This shop is located right across the parking lot also from the water. From this shop you walk across a parking lot to a lovely green park and a beautiful marina. If you are lucky to find one of our very sunny days, you can relax and enjoy the fresh breeze off the bay! Nothin better than that!

What do you think....are they ready for us quilt shop hoppers?! We look very serious about this with our folders to keep our squares organized!

I felt bad for my mom....she had been to the eye dr. before we went and had had her eyes dilated. The bright sun was a killer on them but I think she looks fancy in her "hollywood" glasses!
I couldn't resist taking a photo of this cute sign by the quilt display! Very true!

I love the colors and fabric on this quilt! Very garden like!

I also loved this beautiful pink, creme and brown quilt. My photography is not the greatest when it comes to getting the camera up high enough and still holding it still. I apologize for that!

I can't remember the name of this quilt but the dimensional effect of this quilt is very interesting!

It's now good-bye to Poulsbo and on to Silverdale to Material Girls! They are right in town so not alot of the outside charm but wait until you get inside!

Inside to greet and help us are Teri and Sara....and many others who are not pictured!

This is the material girl's shop hop block. Isn't it sweet!

I loved this lovely fall hanging to inspire me to actually create something for fall...before fall!

More applique fun!

Look at these rainbow dresdens! How different and beautiful!

I also love this beautiful civil war quilt!

Quilting beauty to please just about anyone!

We now have to say good-by to Material Girls. There is so much more I could not show you--I had to spend some money and ran out of time to take more pictures. So far, I have spent money in every single shop. Actually, that is no surprise to me!

This is Rochelle's--a quilt shop in our own town. Rochelle is very creative! These pix are not the best, sorry!

Becca loved the colors of this quilt made from a panel. She had a fit when I told her I have it in my stash.

Rochelle designed this small quilt from the square she designed for shop hop. She always makes something that people can make from the square and the shop hop fabric even if they can't make it to many shops. It is a very sweet design!

Good-bye to Rochelle's....our feet our definitely getting tired but we are on to one more shop for today! Harbor Quilts in picturesque Gig Harbor, another charming waterfront town.

This next photo shows a view down to the water from inside the quilt shop! The ladies inside this quilt shop are once again, some of the nicest in the world!

This is such a fun quilt made from some bright and fun fabric. They were out of the pattern but I am going to have to go back for it.

This is the very lovely shop hop block designed by Harbor Quilts.

I love the style and colors of this fun quilt. Very nice sample to share with customers and continue to inspire us.

Good-bye Harbor Quilts and off we go---home to put our feet up. Actually, by the time we got home it was after 9 and we nearly went straight to bed. Such a fun first day on our shop hop journey! Can't wait to show you more tomorrow!



  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I can't even imagine a shop hop with so many shops! Gorgeous quilts...and this was just day 1!

  2. Ewww that picture of me grandma's glasses though!

  3. Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing! Fun shops!

  4. This sounds like so much fun. Wonderful photos - thanks for sharing your shop hop.

  5. I love the Popsicle quilt!