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Shop Hop Adventure--Day Two

Welcome to my sharing of Day 2 of our Shop Hop Adventure. Thanks for looking and leaving comments. It's fun to know who's reading!

But first, I have to tell you about TWO GREAT GIVEAWAYS going on right now! First, my friend Nedra of Cactus-Needle Quilts is having a great blogaversary giveaway--something for each day! Go check it out! She is a very talented lady and great blogger. Also, check out Kim's blog as she is having a giveaway to find a home for her adorable patriotic pillow that she made for the ModaBakeShop! What generous gals! So much fun stuff and so many talented people! I am so glad that I started blogging recently--it has enriched my life!
You might have noticed from Day One's post that we were carrying these cute little folders into the quilt shops. Because each quilt shop gives a kit to make their block, I wanted to have a way to keep them organized. I found these cute little file folders at Michael's in a package for $1.00 and really wanted to use them because they were just fun and cute. FYI--next time, I will probably use a soft vinyl binder as mine became overly full by the last day! Notice the cute little quilt stickers that I used to spell out our names.

Inside was a note pad and pencil/pen, etc. for writing down things that we were looking for or that we wanted to remember.

Since we were hopping to a total of 19 shops, I made a title sheet for each shop and put 2 of them back to back in a plastic sheet protector. This was a great place to put the block kit and to put any notes, etc. that went with that particular shop. It worked out great.

I also got these fun little clips in packages for $1.00 so included them to clip anything that might come up. Very useful!
Now, for the adventures of Day Two. Most larger towns/small cities have areas that are "not the best." Well, the address for this quilt shop was in one of those areas in Tacoma. When we finally found the shop, this is what we saw. Nothing charming fact, it was the opposite. You weren't sure if you should go inside or not! It looks kinda cute from this picture!
But, alas, we were of brave heart because we had each other. Kristina was with us, so we definitely had the power of 4 generations! This is their block.
The most amazing thing about this shop was the LAYERS of fabric. Lots and lots and lots....and the prices were not bad. My daughter bought a piece of Lecien fabric here. They had quite a good selection but not any of the Flower Sugar that I was looking for. Here's just one glimpse...

and another peak! Evidently they rent out time on this long arm. I talked with one lady who had brought her husband in to show him the machine she had quilted on the other day. She was so excited! The owner of this shop is a character. She is so sweet. Apparently she is quite a savvy buyer and when she finds a good deal on fabric, she passes it on to her customers! Other hoppers who had never been there were walking around as amazed as we were! Later I'll show you some of what I bought there.

Fun purse patterns!

This one below is so cute. My mom was taken with it and bought the pattern!

There were not many quilts on display at this shop--here are two of them!

Good-bye Trains, Fabric, etc. and on to Evergreen Quilting--just a few streets over!
Here is this shop's block. Very cute with the State shape and the Evergreen tree!

The next four quilts were designed by a lady using the blocks that she had received at previous years' shop hops. Very creative!

I particularly like the colors of this one!

This Americana raggy quilt was one of my mom's favorites. It was a very timely display and oh, so inspiring!

This was a very cute man-ish quilt! I love the ties!

Asian inspired beauty!

I love this pattern with trees. Actually, I love things with trees on them--I guess because we live in the evergreen state! My mom bought this pattern--I just may have to use it!

It's now good-bye to Evergreen Quilting and off to the Quilt Barn in Puyallup. We had never been to this quilting shop before and it was a real treat. Lots of fabric, lots of patterns and ideas! Come on in and I'll show you some of my favorites!

The Quilt Barn's Shop Hop block!

I loved this beautiful quilt!

and this really fun one for a ladybug or daisy lover!
This pattern is so sweet. It is a jelly-roll friendly quilt pattern called "Jelly Roll Jive." I did buy this pattern. By turning the blocks a different way, you achieve an entirely different look. I'll show you the pattern front/back when I do my share and tell of what I bought!

And this beautiful "Glace" quilt. I love this one, too! I did buy a lot of this fabric, but not this kit. I am not sure yet what I am going to do with it yet. Lots of possibilities!

This is a fun quilt made with the new Sherri Berry Christmas line! Love the colors!

And here's some grandmother's flower garden love--oooohhh!

Another thing that I really liked about this quilt shop was that they had two sofas in the area where most of their patterns and books were and this was great to be able to sit down and browse through books to see if it was what you wanted. Nice touch!
Good-bye Quilt Barn and we will take our tired selves to the last shop for today. "The Creative Quilter" in Graham, WA.

The Creative Quilter's Shop Hop Block--love the flower!

Some pretty applique!

I love this one, too! Can't get the picture larger....sorry!

This is a beautiful table topper for fall!

The next two are samples of what someone has done with these adorable panels that are available!

Some "Prairie Paisley" Love. I love these fabrics!

And now, for the final feature of this day--a beautiful baby/little girl quilt! Although it is one that you would probably never use! These little dresses are hand made and sewn on the quilt!

Up close with one of the dresses! Amazing detail!

These beautiful "Kreations by Karen" are available in many styles and as kits! I don't know that I would put it on a quilt but it would be precious in a frame or as a small wall hanging!

Now that I am thoroughly exhausted for the day, we are heading to get some dinner and then go home to put our feet up or our heads down on our pillows, whichever comes first! More pictures tomorrow!

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  1. You are a hopper extroidenaire!! I would LOVE to go shop hopping with you, you think of everything!! I may have to take a road trip next year!

    Great journaling!