Monday, July 6, 2009

Shop Hop Adventure--Day Three

This is day three and we are going to have so much fun! Before we leave today, though, I received something in the mail yesterday when we were out hopping and I want to show you! When the Wasatch Shop Hop was going on in Utah, Mel blogged about the shop that she works in. Their shop created the schoolhouse block. Since I love all things schoolhouse-ish, I e-mailed her and asked if I could get a copy of their pattern for their block.

Look what she sent me all wrapped up in a pretty yellow bow!

A kit to make the block complete with all the materials and a cute little bell to put on the schoolhouse! And some extra, very cute rickrack! I absolutely love it! So sweet! Thanks, are awesome!

Time to hit the road....We're off to Chehalis, WA about an hour and a half away. It was worth it because when we walked in both my daughter and I were "in love." It was a relatively small shop, not tiny, and they have lots of precuts to choose from--that was delightful. They had almost all new moda lines and had them displayed together, not separated into color. I like them that way--especially with the new lines. They had lots of beautiful quilts, but unfortunately I was not great at pictures because I was so enthralled with the fabrics!

Becca took this picture of my mom and I and Kristina!

These quilt pictures are courtesy of my daughter, Becca. Thanks to her I have some documentation that I was at this wonderful shop!
Check out her blog for pix of the shop, too!

Now off to the Quilter's Junction. It was a bit of a disappointing shop and they did not want us to take any photos inside.

The Centralia shop's block!

Oops...I snapped one picture right beside the exit!

Now on to was about 30 minutes away...the little town of Oakville out in the middle of nowhere. But it is oh, so charming! This shop, The Quilting Cottage is housed inside an old building, that according to the shop owners, has been host to many different businesses.

As we pulled up to the curb, my mom was changing her shoes. This "doorman" came to the car door, assisted her with her shoes and walked her to the door. How sweet. This was his official job during shop hop but because of the shoe assistance, he called my mom "Cinderella" until she was safely loaded back in the car to go!

Oh, also at the door was this cutest little lady. She had a fun accent and was asking hoppers to buy a raffle ticket to benefit the public library. I felt like we were in a movie or something--it was so darling! I didn't catch her smile but she was very friendly and happy!

The shop owner and her best friend!

More Charm!Their shop's block!

How fun is this!

The creaky floor led to creaky stairs that took us upstairs to more fabric. They actually were having some really good sales!

Notice the old mirror behind the counter complete with soda fountain stools! I loved it!

Kristina enjoying a sweet treat and visiting with kids by the front door!

No quilts on display, to speak of, but we loved this little shop. We smiled so much here! The doorman even snapped a group picture of our 4 generations!

Now we're going to Tumwater, Wa to this fun shop!

How sweet is their shop's quilt block!

Fun apron patterns and samples!

Kits and fun fabric!
Click on the photo to see the cupcake quilting in this quilt!

Lots of fun quilts with lovely colors!

Beautiful and inspiring displays!

As adult shop hoppers received quilt blocks during the event, children under 13 received a square of novelty fabric. Here Kristina is showing her collection of blocks.

On to Olympia to Bayside Quilting 1. This shop is the sister shop of the next shop I will show you. At this shop it is primarily quilt machines but as you will see from the photos, there are quite a few samples showcasing quilting designs.

Fun entrance!

Their shop hop block!

Now, the last shop for today. This is Bayside Quilting 2 and inside is open in the rafters and all around kind of like a warehouse. It was so much fun. It seemed so big as we were pretty tired but we definitely loved it.

This shop's theme is modeled after "Rosie, the Riveter"--it is Rosie, the Quilter! So fun!

I loved this part of the display. One of the ladies working there said that she came up with the idea working late one night! Great!

This red bathtub was in the restroom along with some Elvis memorabilia!

Other fun displays!

So, every few minutes they had a drawing! My mom's number was pulled out--she had felt bad because she never wins anything.....that is definitely in the past. After her number was pulled, she was brought back to "spin the wheel." The number she spun designated the prize she was to get. How cute is this!

She won this little purse with a gift certificate for $20.00 to spend on her next visit.

More fun displays!

Quilt Inspirations!

A Sudoku Quilt!

Lots of fun Kids Quilts!

I love the way they quilted these little duckies. Really made them look fluffy and feathery!

Christmas in July!

BoldWe are done and ready to go home! We are exhausted--yes! Out to eat, it is almost 7:30. I think we found our way to Old Country Buffet! Fun! Tomorrow I will show you the final day of our shop hop adventure!

Let me know what you think!



  1. !!!!
    What a great post on all the shops!!
    You / your daughter did such a great job showing and telling about all the shops!

    I know a few stuffy shops where pictures are not allowed and find them discouraging to the quilting industry! I love all the inspiration and hype I get when I enter a great shop!

    I love that you have photos of the four generations! I don't think I could pay my mom or sister enough $ to accompany me to a quilt shop, so you are lucky!

    I'm glad you received your package safely and are pleased with it! You are a very fun and your enthusiasm is contagious - thank you!!

  2. So many shops and so many must have been so much fun! And Mel is so nice!

  3. You ladies know how to shop! And to have 4 generations who all love to do the same thing sounds like a miracle to me. I really admire your 'togetherness'.
    I loved that the gentleman at one shop fussed over your mom and made her feel comfortable. Aren't quilters the kindest of people?

  4. I've never been on a quilt shop hop but would love to. They are always scheduled for July in Ohio. Way too HOT!