Thursday, July 30, 2009

A New Look and summer continues....

Do you notice the new look of my blog? What do you think? I don't like to change it often but I chose my first background so quickly and have really wanted to change it for a while. When "V" first created her picture mosaic for her blog, I was in awe. I told my daughter I wanted to do that because I had been thinking of something like that that reflected the title of my blog. Well, my daughter went to the link provided by V and created one on her blog and it turned out so sweet. I worked on it this evening and figured it out myself. Along with the new background and the buttons I added last night, I am thinking I like it for now! I must admit, though, that I am already thinking of new pictures to change it out. Like this one, maybe...

A view of the skyline of the big city of Seattle from our side of the water. Not bad of a picture for my camera--you can even see the Space Needle!
I was over in Seattle Mon-Wens. this past week and stayed in one of those tall buildings--the Westin Hotel. It was a conference for schools. It was great and we accomplished a lot--but it was during such hot days. Glad to be back on "the peaceful side."

Do you remember this adorable baby quilt that I made for little Joshua?

Then came the special day he arrived into this world...

I was lucky enough to finally get some pictures of him with his quilt.

Enjoy! He is so adorable!

I am wishing they didn't live so far away on the east coast because I so want to kiss those precious little cheeks! Doesn't it look like he likes his quilt?!

My friend, Sherri of A Quilting Life has a section of the quilt made from this pattern as the header on her blog. I contacted her right after I started blogging and asked her where to get the pattern because I loved it! She connected me with the shop that had designed the pattern and I was able to purchase it! I plan to be working on this very soon.

Because I don't have border fabric I will be tweaking the pattern a bit--I think you will like what it looks like and how it reflects something about me!

The following two pictures are some of the fabrics that I have collected for this quilt~

They are from the Cider Mill Road collection designed by Nancy Halvorsen.

Thought you might like a little peak at the current "home" of my triple irish chain table topper that I was lucky enough to win from Sheri Howard's giveaway. I love how it looks here!

I picked up this wooden bowl from a garage sale, layed the fabric inside and put these wonderful real looking strawberries inside for the fresh summer look! I like it--a lot!

Now this picture is in my header but I wanted to show you a picture that I have hanging in my dining room that reflects my love of apples and quilting! I really like this picture--I apologize for the slight glare.

This apple bowl is also a new find at a garage sale in June. The same store where I got the life like strawberries is where I got these can tell they are not real up close, but I think they look cute in there anyway. I'm not usually one for "fake" fruit decorations!!!!
In the middle I put an apple spice candle for the fun smell!

This picture is of another new apple find at a recent yard sale!

And these, too! I like them and got them for a very good deal!

Well, thanks for taking a look at some of my apple inspirations, my new blog and some fun summer sewing! I would love feedback on my new blog look and of course, I always love comments! You are all amazing! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Yay you did it! Looks awesome! It was a lot easier then adding a third column huh?! What cute pics of baby Joshua. I'm glad they sent you some of him using his quilt.
    And your table topper quilt looks great there :)
    love u

  2. Hi Dottie, LOVE the new blog look! Just darling and such cute colors! It's a happy place!

  3. looks wonderful dotti!
    oh and i'm drooling over your strawberries and the lovely wooden bowl but especially that lovely quilt under it all!!!

  4. your header looks adorable!!!
    and that baby boy is SO cute!!!
    you have the best apple stuff.

  5. Dotti you have so much to look at in this post and in your new header. I love it. So cute. It is like life. We are made up of so many parts! Smart. SHerri is wonderful isn't she. That irish chain!!!! woahhhh that is to die for.

  6. Hi Dotti ~ I love the new look! And Joshua is an absolute doll! It's a good thing you included a picture of the quilt before you had the picture of him with it... quilt? What quilt? :)

    And thanks... now I have to go to the grocery store and buy some strawberries! Though I'm sure they won't look as wonderful as yours do, especially on that beautiful Irish Chain table topper.

  7. hey neighbor!! ;) your blog looks great!! what a cute little guy, and he is so snuggly in his quilt.

    love the table topper, how exiting to have won it! the fruits are making me hungry! they look so real!

  8. It is WAY WAY fun! I absolutely love it! Way to go!

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new look, especially all your photos at the beginning! So cheerful to look at!!

  10. Sweet babies need sweet quilts. I love how you displayed the quilt from Sheri. Lucky you. Love your banner.

  11. The new blog look is is this many fun things! You're going to love making that row's such a fun pattern! Have a wonderful day! Oh, and I'm so jealous that you live so close to the ocean!

  12. Everything looks great, Dotti! I love your new header - i need to get up the courage to try something like that.

    So many cute things: cute fabric, cute quilt (that Irish chain!!) and CUTE baby! Have fun!

  13. I think the new look is great...I like the apple theme....I have the same think about chickens...where ever I go I am always on the look out for collectables. Those apples in the bowl look super cute!

  14. Love the photo of Joshua and his new quilt - so sweet! The Triple Irish Chain looks amazing with all the fruit.

  15. I love the pictures...
    and that baby boy is SO cute!!!

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