Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blooms, Blooms Everywhere!!!!!

So...I'm looking around me and there are blooms, blooms......everywhere!
Remember the ME Framed Four-Patch that I finished a few days ago? I also showed a picture of the Woodland Bloom version that I was helping my mom with. In her picture, though, the blocks were arranged on the floor but not sewn together.
Amid much challenge and some frustration.....
+ lots of teamwork....It is completed!!!
Isn't it pretty!!!

I just think my mom is so cute...she's 82 and she's in love with Woodland Bloom!!!

Now that it is done, she is so happy with it!

We won't tell you what she considered during the last bit of construction time!!!

Even though I haven't done as much sewing as I had wanted to do this summer, I have had some time to work on blooms in my yard.
I love Black-Eyed Susans....


These pretty and unusual flowers that I can't remember the name of....
(can anyone help me?)


and a collection of zinnias and snapdragons in this cutest little vignette!

Hope you have a day full of blooms and fun.....I guess one of my favorite quotes would be appropriate here:
"Bloom where you're planted!"


  1. Your pretty and unusual flowers are called Bee Balm. I love them. Please tell your mom how beautiful her Woodland Bloom quilt is.

  2. All of your 'Blooms' are beautiful!!

  3. Beautiful flowers! Lovely aroma too!

  4. I believe the flowers are called Monarda or Bee Balm. A soothing tea can be made from their leaves.

    All your flowers look wonderful and healthy, Dottie. Thanks for the tour!

  5. Well I love it. The colors and fabrics are beautiful. Just like the flowers. My giant hibiscus just bloomed. Love that.

  6. I think those are something with "firecracker" in the name?