Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baby Joshua's Quilt is Finished

It took me a little longer than I expected but I finally finished Baby Joshua's Quilt. He is due to enter the world any day now! This goes in tomorrow's mail across the country to the awaiting parents! I am so excited to see their expression and to see little Joshua on or in the quilt! This is a picture that I took of it after I finished hand-stitching the binding. It wasn't as fluffy as I wanted.....

but as Kristina held it up it still was so very sweet that it made me smile! I decided to do what I've seen others do--wash it before giving it. So.....

I did! This is how it looked on the floor after being washed and dryed! It definitely fluffed up!

A corner close-up!

Another close-up!

And two more final shots (I can't resist) highlighting how delightful it is!

What do you think?

Thanks for taking time to look at Joshua's finished quilt. It is one of those that I made without a pattern and I questioned myself as I was making it so many times. I really had to let go and accept it as it turned out. The little one who will enjoy it will not know of my questioning but only of my love in putting it together for him! We are happily waiting for you, Joshua!

Have a wonderful week everyone!



  1. I'm sure the baby and mama will love it. Good for you to create your own pattern. I've never even tried. I love blue and yellow for a little boy.

  2. It turned out wonderful...and I love how washing just make quilts look so loved! I'm sure it will be treasured by the new owners!

  3. I just love it!! My favorite part is washing a new quilt and it comes out all soft and crinkled. They're going to love it too.

  4. It looks gret!! I'm sure Joshua will love it and mama too!! I love blue and yellow together.

  5. it turned out great! good for you for designing it, too! i have moments of doubts with nearly all my quilts...and it's nice to finally get to see the finished product. i'm sure that this quilt will be cherished! it looks so soft and cuddly in the photos.