Saturday, May 2, 2009

Near finish on my baby quilt + Mother's Day through the eyes of an 8 year old

Hello Everyone! I am nearly done with the baby quilt that I have been working on. I have had lots of interruptions while I have been doing the binding but it is nearly complete. Doesn't it look sweet?! Since it's getting close to Mother's Day and since I have one of my granddaughters living nearby, I decided to work with her on making a paper bag album for her mom. Since she is 8, a bit older than my first graders, I put three bags together instead of two to give a few more pages. When we were getting started, I got a brainstorm to add fabric for the front and back of the book. She agreed and I had a piece that worked perfect. After we were all through with the entire project, I went in the other room to get something and later realized that she had added the heart on the front with a marker. I was disappointed but I have to acknowledge her creative spirit!

I am a bit of a perfectionist so I was working close with her but giving her lots of room for creative expression. Not always easy to do, but I did it. It makes it so much more meaningful to her and to her mom!

She decided how to put the squares on this page--I was telling her I was thinking about a random placement but she wanted them like this! Looks like a future quilter to me!

Her silly pix and silly labels! Another place where I had to just let go! It is still sweet!

This is the "centerfold" of the book and my favorite part. Partly because of what it represents and how it turned out and partly because of how the idea developed. I mentioned to Kristina that I wanted to find a picture of her mom at about 8 and put it next to a picture of her at this age, too. She loved the idea and as I was looking for the picture she said, I think we should put a picture of you and great grandma at the same age, too. I needed to do some scanning and cropping, but I came up with some photos that I thought would work. Isn't it sweet and it was mostly her idea?!
More sweet and fun photos!

And to top it off, we found a picture of her and her mom together (rare) for the finishing touch along with some fun stickers I had bought ahead of time. She did make a shirt card for one of the pockets--I forgot to take a picture. We are working on a poem for the other pocket.

This is how the back cover looks! I love the fabric on the back, don't you?!

Thanks for looking and I love to read your comments! Have a wonderful week and wish me a quick finish to the baby quilt!


  1. What a precious baby quilt! Did you do the machine quilting yourself? And what fun also to work on such a great project with your granddaughter!

  2. I've always wanted to make one of those paper bag books, now I can. Thanks for the tutorial, and your very nice comments on my blog!

  3. what a sweet quilt!! i've made a few paper bag albums and they are so much fun!! i even gave one to my mother in law one year for mothers day with pictures of the grandkids!! :)