Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Beauty of a Finish

This has been quilted since just before the baby quilt but I have been procrastinating finishing the binding--always so much to do. But now I am happy to say it is done! I am so excited. It is now on the quilt rack showing off its beauty. For some reason, I just really enjoy red, yellow and green together. It's a little different than a lot of my work, but I absolutely love it! This is a beautiful flannel that just makes me smile!
Doesn't it make you just want to snuggle up in it? Well, for those of you with warm weather, I guess the answer would be no, but for those of us who live where it is cold and rainy like it is here tonight, snuggling up in flannel sounds really good!

Wasn't sure I would have enough for the back so I added this fun patchwork in the middle--looks good, doesn't it? The lady who did the longarm quilting for me calls it a reversible quilt! She is very cute!

A close up of the back!

All folded and looking pretty! My mom asked me who I was going to give this quilt to as I always seem to be giving them away. I said, "for now, it's staying with me." I guess I like the happy way that it makes me feel! Thanks for looking and have a fun week creating beauty that will make you smile, too!



  1. Nice job Dotti. I love flannel too. Even flannel sheets are fun. Yes it is a snuggly quilt.

  2. Love it...and what a fun back as well! I also procrastinate binding my quilts...don't know why...guess I'm always on to the next project!

  3. Beautiful!! It makes me think of Christmas!! Flannel and Christmas seem to go together.

  4. Pretty! Love the pieced back and I love all things flannel. It's a bit warm in Central Ohio right now. :o)

  5. A yarn crawl? That is funny! I just read you are the winner of the Thimble Blossoms patterns and charm pack......CONGRATS!! That will be fun to make.

  6. Oh, I love flannel quilts! I do enjoy doing binding though - silly, I know!